Bubble Bottles Asst. (24 count)

September 8, 2013 - Comment

Bubble Bottles Asst. (24 count) come in assorted color plastic bottles, 2″ high.

Bubble Bottles Asst. (24 count) come in assorted color plastic bottles, 2″ high.


A Wondering Dawn says:

Kids Love Them! These small plastic bubble bottles were a huge hit at my kiddos pool party this summer! All the children adored them. Each bottle is about 3 inches tall. They’re filled about 3/4 full with bubbles. Connected to the lid is a little ‘hoop’ that the kids use to blow bubbles through. It works great, and the small amount in the bottle is perfect for kids with short attention spans. With constant blowing it lasts about 15 minutes- which is usually all the longer the kids will stay interested anyways. The bottles came in five different colors. Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. The pink went quick with the girls. Green, blue, and orange were a big hit with the boys. And yellow worked great for the toddlers and younger children. The size of the lid/handle is ideal for smaller hands. Toddlers had no problems blowing their own bubbles, and older kids mastered the art of blowing bubbles quite quickly.So they were a huge hit! Why is it only a 4 star rating? Two reasons. One: A few of the bottles had broken open in transit. I realize this is partly due to Amazons shipping faults. But it’s also due to the poor packaging. The bottles are super easy for kids to open (that’s great!), but they’re so easy to open that they also seem to come unscrewed while being shipped. This made all of the other bottles sticky. The second reason this is only rated four stars is because the packaging is not at all eco-friendly. 24 individual bubble bottles that last only 15 minutes and are made of pure plastic aren’t exactly ideal for the environment. I would have liked to see a set of 12 larger bottles (maybe with two or three different ‘blowers’ for multiple kids to use with one bottle) instead of 24 smaller ones. But that’s just my own guilt talking. When I threw all of the bottles away I felt like it was a huge waste. I think next time I’ll opt for making my own bubbles in a bucket, and buying a bunch of bubble ‘blowers’ for the kids to use. Way better for mother nature!Even so, for the price- the kids loved em’. They loved having their own bottle. They loved the colors. They loved the bubbles. In a child’s opinion these are definitely a 5 star investment.

LoveLee says:

They work No leaks, no problems, item works and blows tons of bubbles! Super cute and small. I gave them to my students for the summer.

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