Nerf N-Strike Exclusive Alpha Trooper CS-18 Dart Blaster

August 30, 2013 - Comment

18 dart drum magazine! rapid fire blasting! Product Features 18 dart drum magazine! rapid fire blasting!

18 dart drum magazine! rapid fire blasting!

Product Features

  • 18 dart drum magazine!
  • rapid fire blasting!


Nerfinator says:

Very good gun If you decide to buy this gun,don’t buy it from amazon, buy it from target, only $20, unlike amazon.I rated the Educational value 1* because shooting people with foam isn’t the most educational activityI was able to get ranges equal to/exceeding nerf snipers, not sure exactly how far though.PROS:Great rangeGreat accuracy18 dart drumslam fireCONS:Only 1 accessory rail, in the right place for a scopeNo barrel attachment (but you don’t really need one)The stock attachment piece didn’t work for 100% of my nerf stocks, like my recons, but it finally worked with my super soaker shot blast’s stockTHE FINAL OPINION:The cons are minor, and the pros far outweigh the cons, 5*s, and my new favorite gun, until the stampede, that is!

Salamanderman says:

Solid primary Nerf rifle I had a 1st gen recon (which apprently was recalled) and was starting to feel the sting of my buddies newer models. I knew that I had to upgrade but didn’t want to shell out fifty bucks for a stampede and be tethered to batteries. The Raider was a serious consideration but the massive drum was a drawback for me (I prefer a smaller profile) so I decided to go with an Alpha Trooper. This is a VERY solid Nerf blaster that feels like a mix between the recon and raider, taking the best from both and all for a great price (at Target). It shoots well and jams are rare if you are careful. Even slamfire shoots smooth after some practice. The 18 (20 really) round drum is a great mag and is SO much smaller than the Raiders drum (despite only holding 15 less darts). I attached the recon stock and a single point “sling” and picked up a few more clips and I am good to go. Next up is a few light mods and a paint job! This is a great blaster and is worth every penney.EDITED 11-16-2010I removed the air-restrictor from the AT. It was easy and there are a ton of videos on Youtube demonstrating the process. It easily added 15 feet of range. I have had some issues with my drum. It cycles darts fine while they are in the drum but seems to get hung up when the black dart pusher reaches the vertical clip portion. This is probably due to a weak spring as my raider drum has no problems here. Maybe mine was a lemon but I have to knock a star off. I have found that using it in the raider works better, probably because the side loading raider requires less spring tension to push a dart up. Speaking of, the raider drum is too bulky to effectively use with the under priming Alpha. Stampede 18rd clips are your best bet.

R. McDowall says:

Everything’s great, except the darts Most of the reviews so far are fair. Definitely take note that this (as of Jan ’11) is still selling for $19.99 at Target – don’t buy this from the reseller here.This is my go-to Nerf gun for the following reasons:- 18 round drum magazine just keeps going and going- takes clips from any CS gun- slam fire is fun to use and conveys “shock and awe” nicely, at least as far as my 5 year old is concerned- shotgun-style pump is easy to use, even for small kids. The Maverick’s and the Recon’s slide are harder to operate.- this gun looks cool and handles wellThere’s only one real drawback here, and this is probably only relevant for people who take their Nerf battles seriously: it only fires the Streamline darts. These darts look like they’re going to outperform the velcro Dart Tag ones, but they don’t. At 20′ range you can empty the whole 18 round drum at someone and only hit them half the time. The darts go all over the place. Your strategy with the Trooper is therefore to move fast, get in close, and hose the guy down until you hit him. Oh and carry extra clips.It’s true that you can modify the gun and/or darts in order to get more accuracy but I’m not keen on firing hot glue tipped or weighted darts at my kids, and I for sure don’t want them firing them at their friends.

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